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The Botanical Project

I am Theodora.

I was born in 1992 in a provincial and traditional environment, in the city of Agrinio. My family has been involved in agriculture and livestock up to this day. From the age of 15, I became engaged in recycling at both an individual and community level. I joined various organisations to have a more active role in environmental protection and wildlife conservation. In 2017, I graduated from the Panteion University, Department of Social Anthropology, and simultaneously obtained certification as a yoga and meditation instructor and received training in psychopathology. During the quarantine period, I pursued an education in traditional Western and Chinese medicine based on herbs. At this point, I became interested in traditional fabric dyeing using plant-based methods. I continued with online educational programs from New Zealand and the United States to enrich my knowledge.

My relationship with fashion is such that for the past decade, I have been shopping 90% second-hand and organic fabrics. With these insights and personal beliefs, I was inspired to create my own brand, The Botanical Project.

Elegant and classic, yet contemporary and unisex accessories and garments such as kimonos and scarves, based on Greek silk. Hand-dyed exclusively with botanical dyes, they come in environmentally friendly packaging. The products are aesthetically pleasing with a character of artwork. One-of-a-kind, and there are limited product codes to achieve the primary goal of quality and the uniqueness of each product.

The products are designed, sewn, and dyed in the center of Athens. The source of inspiration comes from the body and the need for connection with nature. It is my way of embodying and communicating the magic of nature to those around me. The primary materials, i.e. the plants, come at about 80% from my place of origin and the rest from the surrounding environment, waste from flower shops in the center of Athens or online platforms.

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